Land's End, San Fransisco

After a few obstacles I had to overcome, I finally rented a car in San Fransisco and made it out to Land's End and took a stunning hike as the sun was going down. 



Muir Woods, CA

A magical and inspirational walk through Muir Woods that lead me to the most beautiful discoveries and let my imagination wander. 


Jen & Ryan, Newburgh NY

A lovely wedding at Stone Gate Farm in Newburgh, NY filled with best friends, beautiful scenery, and good drinks. 

San Fransisco Wharf

Walking through the wharf in San Fransisco in the rain was wonderful. It brought out all the funky, fresh fish smells, the colors seemed brighter and purer, and there were a lot less people walking around. 

John and Mary, Rhinebeck, NY

A stunning sunset wedding at a private estate.

Steph & Danny, Yonkers, NY

A small intimate wedding that knew how to party

Angela, Antoine and Joaquin

A fun winter shoot with a gorgeous family!


The Haber Family

Long time friend Chrissy and Mike Haber and their adorable son Mason in Astoria Park for some fall family portrait lovin'.

Sam Hunter Headshots

The ever-so-handsome actor Sam Durant Hunter. We had an amazing head shot session in Inwood Hill Park a few weeks ago. Then we ate tacos and drank wine. Check em out! Check out Sam's site too! Such a talent!