Dynamic Synergy

Teamwork is the capacity to work together toward a common objective and the ability to direct individual skills toward group success and achievement. It is the fuel that allows extraordinary people to attain remarkable results. 

On the project sites in Nashtar and Chuwatar, the 16J volunteers and their communities are the epitome of collaboration, teamwork, and an energetic and diligent work ethic. Volunteers are amped to be trailblazers for a new project concept, WASH, (Water and Sanitation and Hygiene) and have gotten the ball rolling quickly. With a common goal and a few shovels, the team has taken bold leaps every day to achieve what needs to be done in their brief, but productive 5 week time frame.

From the photographer stand point, I was able to not only swing a pick axe, but also step back and observe the dynamic synergy that was beginning to develop between Raleigh volunteers and local community members. Every time I looked up from my triumphant shoveling efforts, volunteers and community members were laughing, teaching each other their respective languages, and working together to accomplish our daily goal. Even though there is a difficult language barrier, volunteers were seamlessly acclimating to the efficient style of the community and adopting new methods of work.

Through these photographs, one can visually experience the comradery between volunteers and community members developing and new techniques being ratified. With trenches being dug, pipeline getting laid, and pick axes being swung, the volunteers and community members of 16J are continuously hard at work.

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