The Back Streets: Unknown Territory

Repost From Nepal July 12th, 2016

Have no fear of moving into the unknown, simply step out fearlessly. It is within the unknown that one can discover, learn, and find inspiration.

Today I took a walk in the back streets and alleys of the residential neighborhood I have been living in. The neighborhood was scattered with little shops out of people's homes selling cold coca-cola and crispy snacks. Everyone friendly as usual here in Nepal. After walking in the scorching midday heat, I stopped off at one of these shops and purchased a coke in a glass bottle and a little bag of chips. I started to walk off but the shop owner gestured me back, trying to explain to me that he needed the glass bottle back. (He must get some sort of money when he turns in back in) So I happily sat on his shaded patio, enjoyed my cold beverage and watched people walk by in the streets.

The pace of life here is much different than that of what I am used to. It's slower, yet still efficient, crazy yet surprisingly secure. Things I never would have expected could exist in harmony, exist together here in Nepal. Crazy and calm, slow and efficient, dirty and cozy, simple but at the same time so complex. 

"You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself." - Ella Maillart

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