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C + D | Brooklyn Bridge Park

Minnesota friends, Brooklyn and Manhattan backdrop... really couldn't get any better for this proposal shoot I did with Christine and Derek. I knew these two way back in high school and even played soccer with Christine back in elementary school. Derek and I had been chatting for months about how he wanted to propose on their trip to NY and have me photograph it for them. I was beyond ecstatic. I have never shot a proposal before and I honestly got tears when Derek bent the knee. The love between these two was so sweet and genuine, a love that was built in high school and continues to grow during their now long distance engagement. That's some strong love ladies and gents. In case it's not obvious, she said YES.

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Point Reyes, CA

Another day on the road meant another day with the wind tugging at my hair, the calming scent of the sea breeze, and the slight pain of not having cruise control. Driving to Point Reyes was another journey at left me in awe. Every turn a new sight to see, a new quirky town, or another giant towering Redwood tree. Once I arrived at Point Reyes, I happily had the beach to myself.

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Pacific Coast Highway

As any traveler who has experienced even just a segment of the Pacific Coast Highway, one knows the true magic of those long winding roads. I spent only one day driving from San Fransisco to Big Sur and back. I was hoping to continue further but there was a bridge out and I had to turn back.

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