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C + F | Inwood Hill Park NYC

Getting to know these two humans was an absolutely breath taking experience. Their love has stemmed from early years in high school and long walks in Inwood Hill Park at the very tip of Manhattan in NYC.

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H + J | Tarrytown Estates, NY

When my friend Jay called me saying he was getting married I said "You're lying to me. Who? What? This is real? Oh my God! This is REAL!" I have known about the lovely Heather for a while and knew how much Jay adored her. I was beyond excited when he asked me to photograph their elopement. This was my first elopement and damn are they fun! It is such an amazing intimate experience. They wanted a witchy/Salem vibe in their portraits because that is where they were Honeymooning and I think we captured it perfectly! Congrats to Jay and Heather! 

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G + O | Hemlock Farms, PA

The absolute perfect fall woodland backyard wedding. Gabriella and Orlando really did their wedding right. The couple just recently purchased a beautiful wooded home and decided to have their wedding and reception there. The house was mostly bare with no furniture inside but surrounded by warm fall trees and the occasional acorn dropping from above during the ceremony. The love and affection that surrounds Gabriella and Orlando is uncanny; tears of joy and happiness were shed throughout the ceremony and reception. This is an undying love that blossomed in high school and it truly shows. I was stunned by how perfectly simple and gorgeous this wedding was. 

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C & K | Philadelphia, PA

Cesar and Kevin are one of the most wonderful couples in the bunch. The love that flows through them and the people that surround them was so vibrant and true. We had an incredible day walking around Historical Philadelphia in the afternoon capturing fun and "Vanity Fair" images of Kevin, Cesar and their friends. Plus the guys and their whole crew looked like absolute rockstars.

The evening was spent at the Historical Powel House with delicious food, lots of laughs and waterfalls of champagne. Kevin and Cesar could not have orchestrated a better day filled with love, happiness, smiles, dancing, and bubbles. Love is love.

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