Making Magic

First things first, we’re gonna laugh a lot. Jokes are fun, smiling is fun, so let’s do that. During our first session together, I will be guiding you through poses, and motions to help you look your best. We will keep it natural, free flowing, and fun. This will be when you get to see how I work and how we vibe with one another. During your wedding, I tend to take a step back. I’ll be there to capture the organic and real moments. This is the day when the tears flow, the smiles are at their biggest, and your hair is 100% on fleek. I’ll be there for you. To tuck that weirdo hair back in its place, to straighten your tie, to give you a tissue. I step back to give you space to enjoy your day. I’m not going to be grabbing you every 2 seconds for THE SHOT because trust me, I will get that shot organically and it will be way more YOU than you could ever imagine.

Fill Your Heart with Joy

Go with your gut. It sounds easier than it is. When you are planning your day 3 months, 8 months, a year in advance, I want you to take a moment and consider what fills your heart with the most joy and makes you feel the happiest. It’s important to make sure your day is YOU. Do what you want, because it’s your day and you are royalty. Stay focused on what is important, your love for one another. Don’t sweat the small stuff, someone else will take care of it. Let’s have fun, get your feet dirty, dance in the rain, soak up the sun, and smash cake into each other’s faces.


I want your heart to be exposed. Your love, your passion, and your adventure. Tell me your story, who you are, what brought you to this point today. I truly want to know what makes you the happiest and what hardships you have pushed through in this life. Share with me. Talk to me. Then together we can create images that represent your true love in its purest form.


The Little Moments

My nickname as a kid was “finder girl”. If my Mom lost something I would always find it. This trait has followed me into my photography career and translates into being extremely observant. I am constantly catching the little things, the moment your mom wipes a tear from your father’s cheek, the look your partner gives you when they see no one but you. I capture the tender, soft, intimate moments between you, your person, and your loved ones. But you best know I am going to be catching all those crazy rage moments of Uncle Larry using his leg as an air guitar and your squad breaking it down to Usher on the dance floor. Let’s be honest, I’ll be dancing too.

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Hi! It’s Me!

I’m the one on the other side of the lens! My name is Jaci Berkopec and I am a wedding, elopement, lifestyle and adventure photographer based in NYC. I’m often traveling the East Coast to different locations like Maine, Connecticut, Vermont and more. Click here to learn more about me…