The ethereal components of the planet.

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 Through a whirlwind of travel, jetlag, a strange hotel room, and loony cab rides, I finally found myself at my new home in Satdobato. The mountains are wild, the city is bustling, and the nights are cool and filled with the sounds of dogs barking.  I felt nervous, happy, excited, scared, homesick, adventurous; a true hurricane of emotions. With the encouragement of family and friends I was able to concentrate my energy on only the power of good. From these feelings and from my experience with local Nepalese people I have started an exploration of happiness and meditation.

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Project Goals

The overall purpose of the Batey 106 Project program is to introduce basic artistic skills such as painting, photography, filmmaking, fashion and music theory to 150 children, teens and young adults from Batey 106.

Batey 106 Projectʼs goals also include gathering resources and finding sustainable solutions to the community issues of malnutrition, a lack of irrigation for community farming and deficits in the education system and teaching staff for the community school.

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A study of shadows, lines and patterns of light.  

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 An experiment utilizing the female form and the dark corners of the earth.

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